9) The rags are dried and automatically transferred into a cart for final packaging.

8) The conveyor then automatically transfers the rags to any of three available dryers.     

7) They are then extracted from the press and automatically loaded onto a conveyor which holds four total chambers of rags.

6) The last compartment moves the rags into a press that is used to press the water out of them, to help speed up the drying process.

5) The rags travel through all 16 compartments which includes the “PFA” processing and final 4 stage rinsing. The 4 stage rinse eliminates any harsh bleach smell and reduces lint.

Final note:

Our “PFA” process is unique to the industry. Most of our competitors wash in 140 to 160 degree temperatures and some add surfactants to their wipers which create a temporary absorbency but is lost once the wiper gets wet. We use an excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures to breakdown the wiper so that the “PFA” formula can extract the paraffin’s in the cloth which inhibit absorbency. Paraffins are used in the knitting process at the textile mill to allow the yarn to run smoothly through the knitting machine. We lose approximately 10% of the weight of the cloth during this process.  We are confident that we have the most absorbent and consistent wiper in today’s marketplace.

4) The bottom of the bag opens and the rags are then dropped into the first chamber.

3) The bag then is automatically raised to an overhead rail system which guides it to the first chamber of the tunnel.

2) The operator programs the corresponding code into the system to coordinate with our PFA standards. The code is specific to the type of material being processed to ensure absorbency. 

1) The operator loads 100 pounds of rags into a bag.

Laundry Process Steps...

"PFA" (Processed For Absorbency) Laundry Process...

The PFA process begins with purchasing new mill ends, which are rags that have been rejected as first quality due to a slight imperfection. Once they are cut into rags by our cutting department, they then go through our “State of the Art” laundry system. We operate a 16 chamber (100# capacity each) tunnel washer.