​~Reclaimed White Bath~

  • Low Lint
  • Soft and Absorbent
  • Will Not Bleed when Used with Solvents or Harsh Cleaners
  • Great for Wiping Down Walls, Vehicles, and Window Sills
  • Can be Used for Groomers for Drying of Pets

Linen Supply Rags

~Reclaimed Near White~

  • Cut from Patient Gowns and Scrubs
  • Low Lint Light Weight Absorbent Wiper
  • Near White - Top of Gowns
  • Near White Sheet - Bottom of Gowns (More Uniform Pieces)
  • ​Multi Purpose: Water-Grease-Oil
  • Low Cost

~Reclaimed Bar/Dish/Diapers/Microfiber~

  • ​All Items Fully Hemmed
  • Same Traits as the New Versions We Offer
  • Will have Stains, but Free of Holes

~Reclaimed White Knit Sheets~

  • Premium Rag
  • Cut from Knit Bed Sheeting
  • More Uniform Pieces
  • ​Great for Painting, Staining, Auto Body Work, Printing, and Plastics

~Reclaimed Momie~

  • ​​Available in Colored or White
  • Generated from Tablecloths and Napkins
  • Low Lint and Very Absorbent
  • Great for Oil and Grease
  • General Mechanic Work

~Reclaimed All White~

  • Lowest Cost All White Poly Cotton Rag
  • Cut from Aprons, Chef Coats, and Pants
  • Low Lint and Absorbent
  • ​Good General Purpose Where an All White Rag is Needed

~Reclaimed Sheet~

  • ​Available in Colored or White
  • Cut from Sheets and Pillowcases
  • Low Cost - Many Wipers per Pound
  • Multi Purpose: Water-Grease-Oil
  • ​Low Lint and Absorbent

~Reclaimed Huck~

  • Available in Blue, Green, or White
  • All Cotton Fully Hemmed Towels
  • Very Absorbent
  • Sizes Vary from 14X20 to 16X26
  • Great for Cleaning Windows, Mirrors, and General Cleaning
  • Rewashable and Reusable

~Reclaimed Geri Pads~

  • Pads are Free of Tears, but may Contain Light Stains
  • Great for Use as Pet Pads, Window Cleaning to Place Buckets on, and Fender Pads in Auto Repair

~Reclaimed Wash Cloths~

  • ​Available in Colored and White
  • Very Absorbent
  • Great for Applications where Small Cleanup is Needed
  • Many Wipers per Pound

~Reclaimed Bath Blanket~

  • All White and Soft
  • Absorbent and Light Weight
  • Receiving Blanket will be Color and White
  • Colored Bath Blanket will be All Color
  • Perfect for Polishing, Cleaning, and Auto Work

~Reclaimed Thermal Blanket~

  • ​Available in Colored or White
  • Bulky, Soft, and Absorbent
  • Great for Grease Applications
  • General Shop Rag or Heavy Duty Cleanup

~Reclaimed Terry~

  • Good-All Good Cotton Rags (Colored and White Terry Items)
  • Better-Quarter to Half Cut Terry Towels
  • Best-Half Cut Terry Towels
  • Very Absorbent
  • All Grades Good for General Purpose Cleaning