Specialty Wipers are new wipers such as Terry Towels, Dish Towels, Bar Towels, and Wash Clothes. Typically not first quality but all new materials ready to be used in a variety of application. Star Wipes is a direct importer allowing us to be very competitive in the marketplace.

INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE: These rags are made in our knitting plant in Gastonia, North Carolina. Most new washed knits are processed in other countries where as ours are 100% USA made. See more information on our knitting operation: 

​Rags are cut from recycled clothing. Sizes will usually vary from 12" to 24" and will be various shapes due to sleeves and collars. Typically, rags will be absorbent to water due to multiple washing's before being discarded. Lower cost-good value-ecologically friendly since given another use before being land filled.

​Rags are generated from Commercial Laundries servicing Healthcare and Hospitality Industries. Laundries discard pre-washed linens due to stains, tears, or wear. These linens are predominately cotton/poly cotton which are very absorbent since being laundered many times. Majority of linen supply rags are more uniform in size due to being cut from large pieces.

Rags are cut from new cotton/poly cotton blends. These are textiles that are rejected as first quality. More uniform pieces than garment rags since high percentage never sewn into an article of clothing. Sizes will typically vary from 12" to 24". New material not highly absorbent to water. Since the rages are new in nature, there is no concern of foreign objects such as buttons, zippers, etc. 

Star Wipers "PFA" (Processed for Absorbency) process allows rags to be used in wider applications since rags will now be 100% absorbent to water. This process shown also changes the texture or feel of the rag. It is no longer slick, but more coarse in nature which enhances the rags ability to lift and trap dirt. To view this process, click: